How To Become A Certified Home Stager

With the hot housing market, now is the perfect time to become a certified home stager. If you are wondering how to become a certified home stager, this blog has you covered.

What is Home Staging?

Picture of an interior living room that has been professionally staged.

Home staging the process of preparing a home for sale in the real estate market. Oftentimes this will include creating space, cleaning, and repainting as well as other things.

Home staging sets the stage for home buyers. Through specific spatial and color arrangement, home staging helps highlight the most prominent features of a house. This in turn, makes the property much more appealing to buyers.

As a result, homes that are staged tend to sell quicker on the real estate market. Staged home can sell up to 30x times faster than an un-staged home.

Homes that are staged also tend to appreciate. A research study conducted by IAHSP (International Association of Home Staging Professionals) in 2020, found that staging could increase the value of a property by up to 20%.

If you are selling a house for $500,000, that means you could possibly sell your house for $600,000 with home staging.

How to Become a Home Staging Professional

Home staging is an unregulated business. This means there are no legal requirements to become a professional home stager unlike a medical doctor or lawyer.

Becoming a home staging professional has a low barrier to entry. You could technically call yourself a home stager and start staging homes right now.

However, I wouldn’t highly recommend you to do this. If you do not know what you are doing, you could injure yourself and possibly get sued for property damages.

I would, however, highly recommend you properly learn how to stage a house before you start staging properties.

Online Home Staging Classes vs Self-Studying

A student taking an online home staging course by an accredited institution.

If you are trying to become a staging professional, you could either self study or take an online home staging class.

Although it may be cheaper, self studying requires much more work than an online home staging course.

If you are self-studying, you would have to research what home staging is, what the best practices are, as well as other information only experienced home stagers would know.

With a course, they just tell you everything, rather than you going out and finding that information.

If you are looking to buy a home staging book, that book may not cover everything that a course would cover.

For example, most books cover one or two topics like curb appeal and decluttering, but will not cover other topics like furniture placement and window treatments.

From my experience and research, courses are the best way for anyone to learn how to professionally stage a home.

Home Staging Courses cover everything that you need to learn. For example, an online staging course will cover how to use light to increase appeal.

Some courses will even cover how to start your own home staging business as well. They will teach you how to market your business to home sellers and real estate professionals.

If you want to become a home stager, I would highly suggest that you go with an accredited course.

Accredited vs Non-accredited Home Staging Courses

If you are looking into online home staging courses, I would highly recommend accredited courses. Since home staging is an unregulated industry, anyone could theoretically make a home staging course and sell it.

I personally do not trust non-accredited home staging courses. Non-accredited courses could be misleading or have misinformation. Simply put, you do not know whether the content they teach you is accurate and true.

Accredited home staging courses, on the other hand, are rigorously checked by institutions to make sure that they meet a certain standard of quality.

Accredited courses are checked to make sure that both the information is correct and accurate. They also check if your course is complete. In other words, they check to see if your course is missing vital information that is relevant to staging.

Home staging courses that are accredited give you a sense of security that non-accredited courses cannot simply give you.

There are two major accreditation institutions internationally, RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) and IAHSP (International Association of Home Staging Professionals).

If you are looking for accredited courses, make sure that they are either accredited by RESA or IAHSP.

Accredited Home Staging Training Programs

Out of all the accredited home staging courses out there, I recommend these three specific ones;

1. StagerTraining

One of the things that makes StagerTraining different from the other two courses, is that it is taught live. This means that the course is catered to your needs and you will be able to ask questions in real time.

However, the downside of a live teaching environment is that it simply costs more. StagerTraining entry level home staging course starts at $2,299.

2. StagingStudio

Out of all the training providers, I highly recommend StagingStudio. StagingStudio’s course covers every aspect of home staging from decluttering to opening up your own home staging.

StagingStudio’s courses are also really affordable. StagingStudio charges $1,249 for a home staging, or you can choose to make five monthly payments of $259.

3. HomeStagingResource

HomeStagingResource’s course is a 21 day program. In week one, they will teach about the foundation of starting your own home staging business. Week two teaches you about staging techniques. And week three puts it all together to get you started.

HomeStagingResource’s three week course starts at $999 or you could make 3 payments of $399.

Starting A Home Staging Business

Starting a home staging business is like starting any other business; it is going to require a lot of time and work.

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