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82% of real estate agents said staging allowed home buyers to visualize the place as a future home.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging refers to preparing the house to get potential buyers. Home staging makes the place better as it goes through redecorating, rearranging, and proper cleaning to make the house look cleaner and visually impressive.

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Free Home Staging Training Video

Enjoy this free training video by Accredited Home Staging Training. Learn about focal points, balance, visual weight and much more!

Staged Home can sell up to 30x times faster than non staged homes.

How To Start A Home Staging Business

Over 38% of sellers agree on staging the home before listing them on sale. It can be difficult for any realtors or sellers to carry all the hard work that goes into staging the house.

2021 Home Staging Statistics

Checkout the latest staging statistics for 2021. Learn how buyers and homes were affected as well as industry statistics.

Home Staging Certification

Become a professional home stager today with our home staging course.

This accredited course will teach you everything you need to start staging homes professionally.

This online course will prepare you on how to start your home staging business with our branding, marketing, and pricing modules.

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Accredited Home Staging

Founded in 2020 by Joan Smith, Accredited Home Staging, is dedicated towards providing the best resources to home stagers.

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