9 Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

Helping the buyer to connect to every inch of the home is how a home stager sells the house. It is not easy to decorate the house while keeping everything essential, since the modern trend can add plenty of things that buyers may find irritating. Finding a balance between the old traditional accessories and the modern improvement is the job of a home stager.

According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 77% of buyer’s agents have said the home staging to be critical for the home. If the homeowner wants to sell the house faster in the market, he or she must appeal to buyers by highlighting certain aspects of the house. This can only get done by using home staging methods. 77% is a whopping majority of agents that support the idea of home staging to push the product in the market. It is not difficult to convince people to switch to a home staging method before putting the home in the real-estate market.

Home staging takes care of all the flaws of the old house while helping the house to adapt to more natural and modern changes. The changes are necessary for the house to step into the world of today. Most buyers are interested in modern technology and solutions. Making the house seem old or relying on its ancestry will not do any good to people. It will rather turn off the buyer from making a purchase.

(Source: NAR Survey)

According to the NAR survey, 25% of homeowners saw a 1 to 5% increase in the value of the house, while 12% of homeowners saw a 6 to 10% increase in appreciation. To put that into perspective, staging could easily help sell a house listed for $750,000 for upwards of $800,000. Overall, over 44% of homeowners said that home staging increased the value of their home in the market.

The house needs to be at its absolute best to grab the interest of potential buyers. It helps the buyer to imagine themselves buying and potentially living in the space. When everything moves according to the plan, a home stager will not have any trouble reaching the point of success.

What is Home staging?

To put it simply, home staging is the process of preparing the home to sell within the real estate market.

The buyers who are looking for the house don’t want something from the past, nor do they want a fixer. When they see a house, they imagine spending most of their time in a place. If a home has a comfortable feeling, then buyers will be more interested in moving into the house. An old house would have its fair share of problems, home staging eradicates all the problems from popping up on the surface.

Any degrading quality of the house that is visible to the naked eye will substantially reduce the cost of the offering price. If the portal persists on many levels of the house, then the buyer will decline the offering price or worse, refuse to own the property. Property is meant to bring the imagination of the buyer into reality, this is exactly what home staging is trying to achieve with its techniques. Once a professional stager runs through the essential changes to the house, then it will be ready to enter the market.

Tips for home staging

Upgrading the home is not easy but it is not an impossible task. Setting the stage can get very difficult for anyone who is trying to do the renovation for the first time. The tips and tricks will help you get a grip on the staging process that goes on to make perfect home staging. There are key aspects of home staging that pay attention to the most vulnerable areas. When a buyer sees the home for the first time, they will immediately notice the key highlight area than the other rooms. Focusing on the key area will solve a handful of problems of the house easily.

That is why the most common staged rooms are the living room, kitchen, and owner’s bedroom. And finally, the dining room. The level of staging will impact how good these rooms can look, if you are planning to make moderate changes then the cost will not go over a few hundred dollars. But anything drastic will easily go up to 1000$. Staging a plan to approach the home staging will be more effective if you want to find a cost-productive way to home staging.

Another important thing that is needed for home staging is time and money, this will impact how effective the home staging will be for the home. This section will go to deep lengths to show you the tips and tricks that you can use to make your home staging effective.


Creating a plan goes a long way and it will help you keep track of every minor detail without missing a beat. Plenty of work can go in shambles if it is not backed up by any plan. Creating a blueprint will help you record the profession and what needs to be done for improvement. And it will also help you meet the project deadline without going over the time. Therefore a perfect strategy is needed to set up a price plan and the improvement area. Staging the entire house can take a lot of time and money which is not something that many people have when they are putting the product in the air market.

People want to sell their poetry as fast as possible, if a client is in a hurry to make the money, then they will fix it soon. Here you can focus on the key area that needs the most attention rather than covering the entire house. Here professional stagers will help your home to sell and grab a better reception in the market. As they will know the key areas of the house that need the most amount of attention and how it can be achieved in a cost-effective method. Contact with real estate agents will help you come in touch with plenty of great professional stagers in your area.


Cleaning will give the buyer the impression that the home is very well taken good care of. Good care of property will shine if the daily maintenance of the place happens regularly. If a house is dirty, then it will tell the butler the owner has not paid any attention to keep the place Sanitized at all. An unsanitized place is something that most people want to picture themselves in. creating an imagination of a livable house requires the home stager to make the house decent and better. And what an effective way to start the process of home staging by cleaning.

Ideally, a home stager must clean every inch of the house, that includes floors to the corner of the ceilings. if something can be spotted from a looking immediately, then it is better to patch it up from being seen by anyone. In old houses, you will deal with rough kitchen appliances, bathrooms, tub, sin drain. There would be a huge list of problems in these areas, taking care of these elements will greatly increase the overall value of the house. Staging requires a bit more effort and work, sometimes cleaning necessarily doesn’t take away the problem and in some cases, it enhances the problem. Here you need to replace the part of the appliance with a better one.

sometimes you will have to resort to replacing to do the proper cleanup, it will add to the overall cost of the home budget, but it will surely take care of the problem. As the home needs to be at their 100%.

Decluttering the house

A room needs a decent space to move around without feeling claustrophobic. The more things are on the house, the more the features will get hidden from being seen. If the appearance of the inside of the house has been lifted, the buyer must see it to get the real value of the palace. Many times, people don’t stuff out of the house when they prepare it to sell it. Making the house perfect can be difficult, if you take all the unnecessary things out of the way, this will give the room much more space for the buyer to visualize the room.

The best way to store all the stuff is to put it in a box, make sure to move the box into a storage room. Do not keep the boxes in the major rooms, this can turn off the viewer. You will need to store games, papers, seasonal clothes, clothes, tools in the box. If you find stuff that you no longer need then you can get rid of it. Any expired food, clothes, toys for kids that you don’t need, it is better to throw them out than keeping them in.

Make sure to have storage space empty, and the room to have decent space for the buyer to feel like they are getting enough space for their stuff. Keeping it less is not the answer or the steps that you want to take to home staging.

Remove the personal belonging

What you are trying to sell your house is not your personality. Instead of having pictures or any personal belongings throughout the horse, you will need to remove all of it to give the buyer the impression that they are buying a new house and help them imagine the stuff that they can store in the place. Any personal belongings need to be removed from the house and instead of that replaced with something that appeals to people. Leaving it empty is another risk that you don’t want to take, make sure to replace it with some painting to decorate the house better for the viewer.

Any refrigerators or art, family pictures, keepsakes, belongings, possessions, and many more need to be hidden from being seen by the buyer. The list also includes all your bottom accessories, such as soap, shampoo bottles, and many more to be stored in the box rather than out on the front. If you have a kid’s room, here you can also store the toys in a box to give the buyer a better look at the room and envision a room that they want to be in.

Making the home Fresh

Make sure everything in the house feels fresh and not old. You want the house to match the requirement, and the best way to do that is by keeping the house fresh for the buyer to be in. anyone one can tell if the house has had any more maintenance in a while. You can keep the house fresh by adding plants and strategically placing them in the house. Here you will need to find a balance for them instead of covering the house with nothing but plants. Adding plants will create an all-natural aroma for the rooms. A buyer will feel the sense of nature being inside the rooms of the house.

Another thing you can tackle is by keeping the house dust-free, this will make the room look cleaner and fresh. Which is the target of home staging. Any bad sector of the house needs to be taken care of and replaced to give the quality of new to the house. Although replacing will cost a bit more than just cleaning it, it will add to the value of the house instead of decreasing it further. The work to keep the house fresh tackles a variety of issues in the house. One of them is the odor, adding plants will surely take care of that in the house, but you will need to make sure to add some artificial Odor removal to make sure the house doesn’t smell bad.

Not many people are fond of sanitizing the place every single day, they get used to the odor of the house but an outsider will find the odor appalling. Here removing the odor and replacing it with something more common is the right answer.

Every room must have a defining purpose

Every room needs to have something important for the buyer to visualize their world in. what you are selling through the house is an imagination. In the imagination, the buyer will put themselves in the house, that is why every room needs to have its purpose for the buyer. The house will need to make use of every square foot in the room dedicated to a function. An unused room can become an entertaining room or guest room. Here you can put a bed, a comfy sofa to make the unused room a decent place to stay in by making it a guest room.

These are some of the most simplistic ways you can take on the problems in the house without spending too much. You don’t have to create a guest room or a garage, any unused room with some slight makeover can help the room turn into the room that you want instead of the room that it currently is. Any dust can trigger any sort of bad allergic reaction from the buyer, some deodorant for freshers can solve this issue but they will also have the potential for allergic reactions. If you are a smoker, you will have to do it outdoors. Any indoor smoking will help deodorize the rooms.

(Source: NAR Survey)

Make sure every room in the house is finished and it is not being built. You don’t want to sell an unfinished house to a buyer, they will simply refuse to buy anything unfinished because they are going to have to spend more money finishing a room that came unfinished, as you can tell how people can hate the idea of paying money overpaying the initial money for the house. Therefore making sure everything is at its finishing state. Even if the buyer doesn’t carry any interest in the room, it is better to add some purpose to the room and finish it beforehand. The home needs to be usable space for the buyer.

Setting up a Nice Wallpaper

If you feel that your current wallpaper is outdated or doesn’t grab the commercial interest of people, then you will need to grab the color or pattern that appeals to everybody. Instead of choosing for your specific taste, you will need to target a large demographic. Think of adding a neutral color to the wall and leave the rest of it to the buyer. So, they will have an idea of what to do with the wall or color later. Colors can speak a lot of words to people, different rooms deserve to have a specific color arrangement.

Many sellers go for the white color as it allows the buyer to create their imagination on what their dream house is supposed to look like. Creating a blank slate is a much better option that leaves the buyer to wonder and imagine their place rather than forcing themselves to be inside of the imagination of the seller.

Checking the Floor

Remove any strained or dirty carpet and replace it with a new one. There are plenty of cheap alternatives that you can try that won’t go over the budget for your replacement. A dirty carpet will create its sense of smell in the air, which is not something that you want in the house that is in for sale, if the flood is outdated, think about replacing them with hardwood they are cheap and low on maintenance, if the house spends too much time in the market, a hardwood floor will bring much more value to the house.

Hardwood floor is considered to appeal to everybody, as it triggers no allergic reactions for people. If you are not planning to spend renovating the floor, then add some carpets to take care of the problem. Flooring areas of the living room, dining room, and kitchen should be your target zone above anything else. Either you can go with ceramic tile or stone as a replacement to get better value for the house, or you can switch to high-quality vinyl tiles that will mimic expensive materials.

Setting up good Lighting

Open all the curtains and windows to give the home much-needed lighting and fresh air. The room needs to look brighter, so it would look more inviting to the guest or the buyer in this instance. You don’t have to be completely dependent on the artificial lights to give the house some sort of value, switching to the natural one has its way of greeting that is difficult for the artificial lights to match. Give the room a much-needed open area vibe by opening the doors, windows, opening the blinds and curtains.


Here are the tips that you can use to achieve the goal of home staging by yourself or by the hand of a professional stager. There are plenty of homes to sell in the market, every real estate agent has hundreds of contracts, but a house that has been through the home staging process fetches the higher bucks in the market without making the real estate agent work too hard to sell the house to the interested buyer. Follow the tips above to achieve a better home staging process for your home.

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